Client Testimony

Client Testimonies 

Professional!  "Dareba /IN marketing is a consummate professional who understands Small Business intimately.....We highly recommend Dareba / IN Marketing to anyone seeking to build a web-site."

Conchita Mejia
President, WaTO Inc.

Angelo Palmer
C.E.O., WaTO Inc.

About Us

Since 1977 

Who are we?
Dareba Corporation is a 32 year old, privately held corporation based in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada.


HTBasic v10   
  • New User Interface with updated icons, toolbars, and docking windows.
  • Now compatible with the Windows 7 and Vista operating systems.
  • Entirely new updated look for Basic Plus Widgets and Dialogs.
  • Additional DLL’s added to the DLL Toolkit.
  • All new Help Files.
  • New GPIB driver that directly supports the TAMS line of GPIB interfaces.


 whs101 Hotspot gateway
  • Convenient Guest Access
  • Complete Network Security
  • Seamless Secure Mobility
  • Flexible Billing Plans
  • Hotspot Branding
  • Zero Configuration for Visitors
  • Role-based Access Control and Traffic Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting  
  • Customer Portfolio

    • Tellabs Operations
    • California Microwave
    • Tadiran Microwave Networks
    • Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq
    • Mitel Corporation
    • Mitel Telecom (UK)
    • Rockwell Corporation
    • Alcatel Networks (Mexico)
    • Westell
    • Nortel
    • Tandem Computers
    • SCI Systems
    • Liberty Development
    • Lakeshore Retreats
    • Interna Furniture
    • Lucent Technologies

    CIM-SCAN© Discontinued

    NOTE: CIM-SCAN© is no longer supported.

    CIM-SCAN© optimizes production scheduling and eliminates up to all set-up downtime on SMD chip placers, radial inserters, DIP inserters, and axial sequencing equipment. The system manages the part feeders to minimize part changes, creates all set-up documentation, and (re)writes executable programs for new optimum with each changeover.

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    Our Location

     Location 27 Laurendale Ave
    Waterdown, ON
    L0R 2H3

    905 . 601 . 1292 ( t )
    416 . 855 . 0590 ( f ) ( e )